The Organization

The AMKA Group consists of 20 individual companies in 10 countries, which import and distribute wine, beer and spirits from all over the world. With sales to border trade, duty-free, monopolies, web shops, wine shops, hotels, restaurants, cafés, kiosks, petrol stations, business-to-business and supermarkets etc. we cover all on-trade and off-trade sales channels in the markets. Annually it turns into approx. +30 million bottles.

Our unique group structure secures a global perspective and brings local actions. Significant values are created locally in each market close to the customers and consumers, but significant values are also created by using the strengths of being a group. Across the border we share knowledge, ideas, trends and experience which benefits all partners

Group Functions
AMKA Group consists of a range of independent business units with own management and sales organization. We have centralized following departments in our headquarter in Randers, Denmark:

  • Administration
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Purchasing

This gives us the expertise and bargain power of an international group and the ability to make sure that we always remain a reliable, stable partner and employer.

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Organization AMKA-group

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